Patrick Kavanagh

Literary Adventure

I am here in a garage in Monaghan. 
It is June and the weather is warm. 
Just a little bit cloudy. There's the sun again
Lifting to importance my sixteen acre farm. 
There are three swallows' nests in the rafters above me
And the first clutches are already flying.
Spread this news, tell all if you love me,
You who knew that when sick I was never dying
(Nae gane, nae gane, nae frae us torn
But taking a rest like John Jordan).

				Other exclusive 
News stories that cannot be ignored:
I climbed Woods' Hill and the elusive
Underworld of the grasses could be heard,
John Lennon shouted across the valley,
Then I saw a new June moon, quite as stunning
As when young we blessed the sight as something 
Sensational adventure that is only beginning.

For I am taking this evening walk through places
High up among the Six Great Wonders,
The power privileges, the unborn amazes
The unplundered
Where man with no meaning blooms
Large in the eyes of his females:
He doesn't project, nor even assumes
The loss of one necessary believer.
It's as simple as that, it's a matter 
Of walking with the little gods, the ignored
Who are so seldom asked to write the letter
Containing the word. 
O only free gift! no need for Art anymore
When Authority whispers like Tyranny at the end of a 
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