Patrick Kavanagh

Untitled (I was in the town of Mallow)

I was in the town of Mallow
And in Charleville
And now I name these names
Hoping for a miracle
By incantation to recover
The serenity of a successful lover

Scattered ideas organising
Themselves once more
To fight their way out of the chaos
We went through Tramore
And from the top of the hill
Still no miracle

I talked to men who lived
By a satisfactory creed
But there was no answer in their answer
To my need
And in Waterford
I was crying Lord Lord

On the Rock of Cashel I looked
Through the ruined roof
Of a splendid cathedral
For some inkling of
The order that brings fruit
Up from the darkened root

I went through Tipperary 
To Thurles and Clonmel
Seeking the enchanted moment
Where I again might dwell
In sonorous repose
Beyond the power of those

Enemies of the heart
What are they?
Hurry on hurry on
To Kilkenny. This way
Is a mirage, no road
To the City of God.
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