Patrick Kavanagh

Untitled (Here and now colloqually [sic] the hammer)

Here and now colloqually [sic] the hammer
I give to all these ladies and their glamour - 

The baker's daughter - did I love her?
Her figure like a turn-over
She had a thousand pounds or two - 
But Shakespeare put her with the rue.

The lunchtime lady that I meet
At one oclock [sic] on Grafton Street
Must take this rhyme from me in lieu
Of rosemary, thyme or rue

No screw is rattling in my heart
As I from Jo and Joan now part
The girl in brown with the girl in blue
Have left with me no lovely rue.

And many another dame unused
To the mind of a writer smiled, bemused
Never knowing how ungentle
How brutal and elemental

§ The last line of the poem is erased.

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