Patrick Kavanagh

Untitled (By Raglan Road and Hollis [sic] Street…)

By Raglan Road and Hollis [sic] Street I shall walk blind
Remembering that through her eyes I first looked there
At walls and windows that became more rare
Than Eden flowering in a poet's mind.
And down to Dunsany all that road will be
No road at all but only a dark streak of despair
I must avoid lest I go down to hell
And I cannot see Kerry ever, for the spell
Of Hilda created it for me as sweet as a prayer.

Round by Cooleen where the land broke into sea
And men were gathering seaweed, and there were old gates
That let us through to Heaven. Over Dingle Bay
I shall never be able to look till God sets free
His children from the earth. O Hilda waits
Somewhere in my imagination all the day.

She shall not leave me again; I shall
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