Patrick Kavanagh

Untitled (But is it worth it?)

But is it worth it? have I not
Been very happy in my way:
A queer fellow - hates the sight of work
Excentric [sic] they say.
But I've had women call on me who would
No more call on a businessman than on
A monkey in the zoo.
It was the weak will they loved,
The smoker's, drinker's, daydreamer's will,
I say to myself. My nature is to surrender.

I could hate like poison, it is true
But could I keep my hatred up?
No, it died - and every one you hated said that you
Were impulsive, egged on by some cute scoundrel.
And they left you poor without fear.

But now I will hate till my hate
Comes out the other side of the world as love,
Love in Australia.
I hope I shall not vacillate again
Though the crop Men
Is cruel to the hands as broken glass
Among tufts of grass.
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