Patrick Kavanagh

The Last Vanity

I will make you remember me:
O vain egoist!
Nothing remembers
But the part that is kissed
And mystic love
Is their lot where love missed
O none will remember you
Whom you haven't kissed.

I will make you remember me
O sensualist!
The seed that you throw
Flies back to your fist
For the earth-seekers road
Has the silliest twist
On land or by water-ways
While women persist.

I will make you remember me
O simple priest
Love forgets her dark penance
In the dance-whirled mist
And your prayer has the power
A midge dares to resist.
To God's mills of slowness
You cannot bring grist
One grain more than Adam
Has put on mans list

I will make you remember me
O humanist
Hankering after
The dreams which consist
Of immortal sun-downs
In a poetic West.
And far over longing
Creative incest.
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