Patrick Kavanagh

Poem For Five Friends

O my Five Friends whom I won out of the indifferent
Crowds rushing to their appointed stations
It is autumning again over my Pembrokeshire
And I need more than ever the consolations
Of those who care like prayer; with easy eyes
Smoothe down the jittery nerves; with unselfish ears
Deliver a friend's message into time
Give him hope and home and family ties
What never he did have through all his years
O my Five Friends pray with me to the end of the rhyme
And I will in your name absorb
The poignancy of the yellow leaves coming down again
And I who thought that before now I would disturb
The relentless cycle of my character
And live beautifully as God promised me
Walk down Pembroke Road alone
Still dragging on his cursed predestined chain
O my Five friends O my Five Friends
Thank you ever so much for all you've done.
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