Patrick Kavanagh

On Reading Jack Yeats’ New Novel

I've tried to find in this book of yours, Jack Yeats,
Some growthy patch sown with the enchanted seed
Of Grimm or Carroll or Lear - as is the need
Of children in a world of rents and rates
I thought I'd find the lynch-pin of the Fates!
Great wheel pulled out and souls a moment freed
To live in a poet's extravaganza creed,
And rare new dawns shine through the loosened slates.

Another Jack who had a beanstalk did it,
And a Jack who killed a giant did it, too.
Hans Andersen had a tinder-box, could bid it
Find jewels in a hollow, rotten tree.
But nothing happens here, Jack Yeats, where you
Have spun your web of childish fantasy.
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