Patrick Kavanagh


A furrow is the string by which
The Destinies draw up the coach of fate
O furrowed field, who shall ditch
Dawn-headlands and leave no open gate.

A furrow is the depth of being
Intense in fashioned latitudes of love.
A furrow is the length of fleeing
Rivers in cloud. And the wind-taloned dove

Poised in the desired fortune, white
Silver the mid[] of soft sounds
Swing-rythyms. [sic] The dream-anchorite
Rosary-easy pacing the monastery grounds.

Five times a furrow age is the sum
Of all existence from day-dawn untill [sic]
The spirit-child cries out. - The To Come
Is prepared, and stand in truth who will

Imagination's distance is a furrow
In an old meadow. The antique glory
Of line in The Book of Durrow
Or anything of April-Gaelic story
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